Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I was on such a roll with the blog- but I just couldn't write yesterday. DH was making me furious and it would have been more complainy- and we're trying to be positive.

So I have one drug to add to my incredible list- Progesterone in Oil 2mg.. I feel like I am a pro at 1mg and can make sure I don't get lumps (lumps are so painful)- but I don't know about 2mg.. and that's in addition to the suppositories.

The Positive: I'm going to have EVERY pregnancy symptom, like, ever. :)

I haven't even taken the shot yet- and I'm already so wanting a nap. Summer School seems too long.

Here is my IUI review:

7:40 am Monday 14 million motile sperm
7:45 am Tuesday 10 million motile sperm

We still have 4 vials left for IUI and 2 vials we can only use for IVF...

I was super crampy all day Sunday and Monday, slightly cramps on Tuesday and even a slight cramp on my right side that day.

It's been so hot I was a little worried about that sunflower in the yard- but there is a tropical storm coming. Hoping the next week or so passes quickly

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