Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Fun

I seem to be doing a lot better- only moped about the stupid sunflower for a day- which is very good. I still sought out chocolate- just in case... :)

I started really getting into my book for the book club. I started another book on CD for my way to work and well- that one had 4 interweaving storylines- so reading a book in print at the same time was getting me all sorts of confused.. LOL
Anyway, the library alerted me the book I REALLY wanted The Silkworm was in.. so I hope to finish both books soon.

I also started a new coloring page. I bought a coloring book for adults last summer and the only time I allow myself to color is when I'm PUPO- which is what I realized. I did the majority of my first page in Sept, but didn't finish until December. And now I'm starting another page.
Both of these will be framed and displayed in my nautically themed bathroom.

I'm about to go out now and buy some HPTs in addition to a thousand other things on my shopping list.
PIO- horrible.. Apparently my methods don't really work for 2mls.. its just way too much and you have to take it at night or else you will fall asleep while driving. I have some slight knots, and some hip pain.. and I've been sleeping lots and lots- but I'm sure the capsules every 6 hours are helping keep me in a 'nap ready' state.
Heck- we went to the fireworks last night and not only did I almost fall asleep during them, DH got a call while we were driving back (we took the ambulance there) and I slept most of the ride along- lights and sirens and DH driving in the opposite lane of traffic..

Hoping this week flies by- that or maybe I'll just sleep until beta

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