Thursday, July 3, 2014

First B/W Results

Way too early for beta- but I did get my progesterone levels checked. I know last time they were looking for higher than 10 (it was 8 last time and I needed a booster hog shot). This time, thanks for more follicles, and the IM injections, it was 16- which is really good since I was tested a day early due to the holiday.

In other news- I realized that leaving your pills in the car could be a really bad thing... My CoQ10 melted all over my pills. Good thing I had already taken 2 of the 3 gummies--- this was messy enough.

My stomach is so horrid looking... I started working from the outside toward the belly button and it's getting really close to the center with the shots. The first one and one other are about 2 inches by 2 inches.. some are only round blood dots- and sometimes the bruise doesn't show for days. I am not sure I'll figure out the science to not bruising- just hoping the outside ones heal by the time i get to the middle of my tummy.

And in sunflower news: We got a lot of rain yesterday- the sunflower looks a little better.. you can see the yellow petals wrapped so tightly around the center. It's so odd that isn't going to be blooming right around beta.. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. I truly hope this is a good sign.
Beta is on 7/15 but I may test on my mom's birthday, which is that Sunday- not going to go crazy- just one test.

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