Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Bean!

Sorry I have not updated... I feel so rushed these days.

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound and it went really well. We were able to see the yolk sac, which my RE said might not happen because of how early I am in the pregnancy. :)
He thinks I'm 1 day earlier- I based mine on when I had the strongest ovulation pains.. but it's not really a big deal. So I guess right now my EDD is 3/24.
I am so happy DH was able to come to the appointment. He had a 9am flight for work, so we got up super early and were the first ones there when the RE's office opened. And DH was so worried we would find twins- he asked the RE twice to make sure there was only one.. and then screamed in delight.

I think the relief took away from the joy of seeing our first ultrasound a little, but next week we should see the heartbeat and I'm hoping that will be amazing.

I had my beta results, 1736, which had a doubling time of 80. Yes- I was nervous. I read somewhere it slows down, but I didn't know at which point. I also had a regular doctor appointment because I have a wicked cough and congestion. He made my call my RE to make sure I could take antibiotics and since my RE was so shocked I only had one question- I asked him about the numbers (I couldn't let him down, lol). He said they were fine.. and I then read that after 1200 the doubling time range is 78-96 hours.
I also went to therapy yesterday- wrote Dr. KK's office and (finally) got my scripts for pregnancy monitoring, which isn't too bad. Beta until the heartbeat on M-W-F; Progesterone and Estrogen levels weekly (16 weeks) and Thyroid Panel weekly (13 weeks); and a monthly CBC.
We are driving to Chicago next Thursday night for my Friday morning appointment.
In the meanwhile, I'm also counting down the last 5 days of summer school. So freaking excited to be done. I really need to spend one day next week cleaning my room and de-cluttering. I was so done last June, I just wanted to leave.

Then I have 3 weeks that are just mine until the Fall Semester of graduate school starts. I'm glad I am getting busy- things are going fast and it helps keep moving along instead of wondering how this is my life- which is so different than last month.

Hopefully nothing to update until next week.


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