Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So far... nothing

8/9 days after IUI and I don't really notice anything. Strangely I don't even have the usual progesterone symptoms... I'm blaming the Cabergoline (which lowers my prolactin level) for that.. my boobs don't hurt at all.
I'd like to say my uterus is feeling something- but (TMI warning) I am having bowel movements all the time. (What happened to the classic Progesterone constipation?)
My bruises are still there.. some are green, some purple and some blue..  its like one of those old lady floral bathing suit patterns on my belly.
I may be bitchier- but I never know if my students are acting worse or if I'm flying off the handle quicker...  The majority of them are really good.

So like I said so far... nothing... not sure if it's good or bad... Guess that's why they call it a wait..