Sunday, July 20, 2014

Now we wait...

So it looks like I am going for betas every other day until we hear a heartbeat, which shouldn't be too long I hope. I am going to guess that will be all of this week and the beginning of next week.
Having all of those appointments, and summer school finishing up.. it seems to be going fast.
I really want to clean the house from top to bottom- scrub the baseboards and wash the screens in every room... you know the spring cleaning I should be doing if I didn't have my own finals to worry about in spring.
In the meantime I'm fighting off something.. I have allergies this time of year- but its in my throat and I keep coughing- I want to just sleep all day long and wake up feeling better. Not exactly sure what to do about it either... just drinking more fluids hoping whatever it is loosens up and gets out.
I'm taking off Friday from work to rest up. I have a concert that night and the next day I will be a crazy woman planning out Fast Pass selections for DisneyWorld.
I'm so beyond excited about our vacation coming up. Just about 2 months away..
I have so many things to look forward to this week. I just hope everyone else reading this is also having a good week. :)

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