Monday, July 28, 2014

Small update and more rambling

So... who knew the wait for an ultrasound to see if your baby has a heartbeat would be like the TWW times 100!

Every morning I wake up and cannot believe how far away Wednesday is.. I'm very nervous.
I have been going to Labcorp almost daily for my bloodwork- which boggles my mind. My **STAT** results from Friday's beta came in today after 1pm... umm.. Stat?? and that's when my doctor got it... who knows when today's results will come in. Today's beta was 3219, which is around 60 hours doubling time.. so I shouldn't be too worried.

I finally got a pregnancy symptom- slightly sore boobs- but I'm on so much progesterone- and my progesterone levels are about 50 (they like it over 16), so I'm more shocked that they are only a little sore. I guess if I complain enough, I'll get some symptoms and then regret it..

I went to see Christina Perri this weekend.. which was a really nice show. It wasn't crowded at all, and she is really good- sounds like the album, which is rare these days. A lot of the songs that got me through my hard times were hers.. Miles, I Believe, Human... but when she sang A Thousand Years- it hit me. This is the song I sang before my ERs, my ETs... always singing it to this idea of a baby.. but this time, there is a real baby inside of me that I got to sing to... and well- cue waterworks... It was very emotional for me.

Other than that- I've been busy cleaning.. Somedays I think 9 months isn't long enough to clean this house- but I made good progress. Kitchen and dining room are done. Car is almost done. Downstairs was done last week- laundry room is 80% done. Just need a good cleaning in the office (nightmare) and our bedroom.

We are going to switch our sliding glass doors into french doors- which is awesome. Our sliding glass doggie door leaves gaps that let dirt and major drafts in- so we will just put a hole in the house and use a real doggie door. It will be better in the long run.. Of course, this means pretty soon my economic major husband will be in charge of making a budget.

Until then.. I'm gonna dream big on changes for the house...

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