Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chalkboard updates week 11-13


Let's Catch Up!

So... things are always a little dramatic around here... but I am hoping they will finally start calming down.
I started work back up in the beginning of the month and the first few days really kicked my butt. I think it was a mix of the heat and the long walks from classroom to classroom throughout my schedule. I also found out that my thyroid levels went way down and some side effects are heart palpitations (yup), intolerance to heat (yup), increased appetite (yup) and sweating (yup). So I was able to reach out to my nurse and get my meds lowered and I'm starting to feel a little better.. although that whole increased appetite thing hasn't really gone away.
We are a little bummed that we still don't know baby's gender. We did the Panorama test back in August but we found out this week that there wasn't enough blood to run the test. I thought that was the only good thing to come from that OB appointment- but I guess the whole visit really was a waste of time.
I was supposed to have my NT scan on Wednesday- but boy was that a clusterfuck! This doctor (who came recommended from a friend) doesn't do NT scans. In fact, he looked at my chart (that I had a 2nd copy of because in the week I dropped them off early, they lost them) and decided I was too high risk to be their patient. After many tears, they had 2 girls looking for my paperwork and the doctor called another office and got me an appointment for my NT scan for the next day.
I am now seeing an MFM who also delivers. He specializes in multiples and has done many of TLC's A Baby Story shows. He seems a little arrogant- but he has a lot of experience and well- I have none. So if anything, if he becomes arrogant I guess the people at Dr. KK's office will have to deal with that.
So my NT scan was so blah! I barely saw baby. He/she was in perfect position so the tech just froze the picture and did her measurements (which were all good) And the picture sucks... see? because I don't see anything. :(

I think the next few appointments I will also get 3d scans- so I'm hoping that really is the case. We also did the harmony test. The person in the office insisted I would have to pay OOP for the test- which I don't get- since the other test would be covered. I think she's wrong and I'm a pro at fighting with insurance companies by now. But holyheck- they stuck me almost 20 times to get 2 vials of blood. Seriously- they made me go out to lunch and come back to try again. 
So I'm really hoping this test worked and we know the gender before Disney-- I can't believe we have to pack for Disney next week. I still have no idea what clothes will fit by next week- I think I have enough to get me through the week..  Wow.. I can't believe it's almost time for me to come out.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 10 Chalkboard and Update

Well let's start off with the hideous pic of the week.. ha ha I'm going to try to remember to do my hair on these picture days. I looked really good every other day, lol.

And here is the cutest part of me.

So we had out appointment with Dr. KK. First off, Chris did a great job picking the hotel in downtown Chicago and we had a really nice out. He's finally off the hook because I said I wanted a nice date one day this summer. We started off with my infusion, which went well. I had no real symptoms. I had occasional pains in my upper chest/shoulder area, which my nurse said was a common complaint- so they shut it off for a few minutes until the pain went away and started it back up. It took over 4 hours! Craziness... Guess it will be that long when they do they at home.
We also had an ultrasound during the infusion. Baby was oriented so its was head up and bottom down- so we couldn't get 3d scans because all we saw was a butt. We tried an abdominal u/s but it was way too cloudy. 
Then the nurse came in and we discussed recent test results including the scan. I am on vivelle estrogen patches because my estrogen is dipping and estrogen is important for the placenta. She said she isn't too worried since the baby isn't measuring behind, but they are proactive. I will be on the progesterone suppositories for a very long time, which is ok.. and eventually will wean off the progesterone in oil (Seriously can't wait for that). I also found out I was injecting the lovenox wrong- so hopefully I won't have any more black blotches. I have to mail out my bloodwork on Tuesday to see if/how the IVIg worked. 
But the biggest area of concern is my cervix. It previously measured 2.9 (but Dr. M measured that and A) complained that he had to do B)said it was difficult to see C) I'm not sure he knew WTF he was doing- like maybe he measured his last one in med school), the time before that it was 2.78- now it's 2.4.. My nurse suggested that my OB check my cervix every week to see if it still going down and also recommended being on a modified rest schedule. She said at the least, no lifting more than a gallon of milk and pelvic rest. She was concerned with my job since I travel classroom to classroom- there is a lot of walking/standing and driving in long period at a time.  She also said the OB will probably not let me fly- so we bought trip insurance for Disney. It was a lot of news- but we prefer to be proactive.
The next day I had a busy day. Started off with an echo for my palpitations. DH is already diagnosing me with crap from watching it- ugh! And then we went to BuyBuyBaby because Chris wanted to know what a diaper genie was. And since it was located next to a Taco Bell- I was all for it.
Then we went right to the OB appointment. We left feeling so defeated. He didn't read my records- we waited 90 minutes after arriving.. I thought he was at least doing that. I explained what the nurse said- and we had a letter with the ultrasound results. He proceeded to 'explain' how here on the East Coast OBs don't measure the cervix and no doctor would ever do weekly monitoring. He said he would refer me to an MFM but they do not do weekly monitoring either. He said the MFM won't even discuss a cerclage until after 14 weeks.  I am trying desperately to find Dr. Davis who does cerclages transabdominally at 10-14 weeks. These are such better than the external ones- I guess I have to go over my OBs head- but maybe he will see there are some proactive doctors on the East Coast. GRRR!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 9 Chalkboard & Update

Geesh! Not sure if I can keep letting DH take the pictures. They are getting worse- (I have crazy eyes)

We are leaving for Dr. KK on Monday. I am already nervous about how busy my schedule is next week- party on Saturday, bbq on Sunday- school meeting monday morning, flight monday afternoon; infusion, u/s, appt, flight home on tuesday; cardiologist, first ob appt, first day of new grad school semester on wednesday; class again on thursday (might either sleep all day or clean classroom); out to dinner on friday w/ friends (and normal chores I'm sure); family birthday party on saturday....

We went to Ikea this past weekend to get an idea of how much our nursery project would be and well-  the things we wanted to buy were being discontinued or on clearance- so we just went ahead and bought everything. I'm still really nervous about that since it's still early in the pregnancy- but DH is just so excited. We had to go back 3 times over the week to get everything and I think I may have pushed myself a little too much. I had bleeding from my lovenox injections hours after the shot. Very thankful to be bleeding there and not anywhere else- but it went through my huge bandaid, underwear, tights, skirt, tank, and sweater...  I had that happen before after doing a little much and rubbing my stomach up against stuff.. but still thankful thats the only thing...

I'm also feeling anxious about all the medicine I am on. I was really hoping I could wean off some of them- but my most recent bloodwork showed my estrogen and progesterone dropping. RI hasn't commented about that yet- but I think it's finally hitting me that I'm not going to be a normal pregnant lady. And that I may be taking more drugs on a daily basis during this pregnancy than when I was stimming. Not really complaining- just think I need to mentally wrap my head around that. I guess we all don't want to feel broken- but I guess I still am- and I need a whole lotta shit to keep me together during this.

Anyway- that's about it for this week. Just trying to stay positive and know that I see the baby again on Tuesday and it's another 3d ultrasound. :)

Friday, August 15, 2014


Here is the picture of me. I put the picture of baby in the Weekly Update section. :)
(The baby is much cuter- I'm a hot mess and DH takes the worst pictures of me)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Starting to spill the beans

So Monday we finally got the chance to tell my step-dad that we are pregnant. We had him over for dinner and asked him to watch the dogs while we are on vacation in November. He agreed, which is great since the dogs love him, they missed him so much. And I had been hinting that I had a few jobs around the house we might need help with, so I said, "While you're here, maybe you can start working on a nursery." He just looked at us and wanted to know what that meant. He was very excited, which is great. He also couldn't believe that I am expecting him to keep this secret. He wanted to know exactly when I was going to tell other family members.

It was a really good day. He also helped Chris bring up some furniture that needed out of the garage and I am useless in the lifting department. The house is starting to come together. We brought up my mom's curio cabinet, which looks great in the dining room. Later next week I'll fill it up with all of her things and some of my things that belong in there.
Funny, all of my things are so childish, they would probably look better in the nursery- so maybe I'll wait.

In baby news, I was approved for IVIG treatments for my autoimmune diseases. I know treatments are several thousand dollars and we were not going to do it if insurance did not cover it. Actually, we wren't sure we would do it at all, but it appears to be much safer than the prednisone I am on now. And safety for the baby comes first. So we changed our flight time to Chicago- our $400 trip is now our $800 trip, but I really can't complain. Or I could say, 4 months ago I would have done anything to complain about spending $800 to make sure our baby is ok.

I also told one other friend from college. She was so excited. And I told the 'fill-in' vice principal at school. We used to share a classroom and I feel comfortable talking to him. He will let the 'fill-in' principal know once school starts. At that point I'll be over 11 weeks. Crazy!!

I graduate from my RE tomorrow- so there will be a new picture then!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's get caught up!

OK.. I'm a bad blogger.. Actually I'm bad at being human right about now. I'm so tired- I think I'm more zombie than anything else.
So last week we drove to Chicago for my ultrasound- doctor appointment with the reproductive immunologist. Everything looked great. No bleeds. Baby measured perfectly at 6w 4d on 6w 4d. Yay!
I got all my bloodwork done. We were hoping I could start weaning off some meds, but my NK cells were a little high- so more prednisone.. and still on the lovenox and tons of progesterone.
I have 2 lovenox bruises that are pure black- and huge. I hate when I get them. Last one took a month to go away. And I am starting to get welts from the PIO- fun fun! But honestly I have no real symptoms. My boobs got bigger and they hurt, but that's like nothing. I am finally no longer all congested.. and oddly my spicy good cravings went away.. maybe I just needed to clear those sinuses!
I just had another scan today. Baby is "amazing" according to the RE. Measuring 2 days ahead. My DH is crazy- he filmed the entire ultrasound. He's so ridiculous, it's cute. 
He's told like everyone- and I've only told one real life friend and my sister. I'm going to slowly start telling a few close friends next week, and my step dad and stepsister. And I'm telling my colleague who is now the vice principal, just so maybe my schedule will not be too hectic (mostly- don't make me take care of crazy 8th graders eating lunch. I don't have time for that bullshit).

We've been talking a lot about our disney trip. I'm so freakin excited!! My friend had her gender testing done at 12 weeks and knew it by week 13. I'm hoping the same will happen for us- I want to do the gender reveal at Disney- written on our dessert at Cinderella's Castle.. Something special just for DH and myself. And we will be announcing on Facebook with pictures we take there. I think once that happens things will feel real. Although I did already buy a few maternity items (denim jacket, skirt, leggings, pants) because there was a special and clearance deals. 
Anyway- here are some pictures of Chicago adventures and of our little bean.