Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

So... things are always a little dramatic around here... but I am hoping they will finally start calming down.
I started work back up in the beginning of the month and the first few days really kicked my butt. I think it was a mix of the heat and the long walks from classroom to classroom throughout my schedule. I also found out that my thyroid levels went way down and some side effects are heart palpitations (yup), intolerance to heat (yup), increased appetite (yup) and sweating (yup). So I was able to reach out to my nurse and get my meds lowered and I'm starting to feel a little better.. although that whole increased appetite thing hasn't really gone away.
We are a little bummed that we still don't know baby's gender. We did the Panorama test back in August but we found out this week that there wasn't enough blood to run the test. I thought that was the only good thing to come from that OB appointment- but I guess the whole visit really was a waste of time.
I was supposed to have my NT scan on Wednesday- but boy was that a clusterfuck! This doctor (who came recommended from a friend) doesn't do NT scans. In fact, he looked at my chart (that I had a 2nd copy of because in the week I dropped them off early, they lost them) and decided I was too high risk to be their patient. After many tears, they had 2 girls looking for my paperwork and the doctor called another office and got me an appointment for my NT scan for the next day.
I am now seeing an MFM who also delivers. He specializes in multiples and has done many of TLC's A Baby Story shows. He seems a little arrogant- but he has a lot of experience and well- I have none. So if anything, if he becomes arrogant I guess the people at Dr. KK's office will have to deal with that.
So my NT scan was so blah! I barely saw baby. He/she was in perfect position so the tech just froze the picture and did her measurements (which were all good) And the picture sucks... see? because I don't see anything. :(

I think the next few appointments I will also get 3d scans- so I'm hoping that really is the case. We also did the harmony test. The person in the office insisted I would have to pay OOP for the test- which I don't get- since the other test would be covered. I think she's wrong and I'm a pro at fighting with insurance companies by now. But holyheck- they stuck me almost 20 times to get 2 vials of blood. Seriously- they made me go out to lunch and come back to try again. 
So I'm really hoping this test worked and we know the gender before Disney-- I can't believe we have to pack for Disney next week. I still have no idea what clothes will fit by next week- I think I have enough to get me through the week..  Wow.. I can't believe it's almost time for me to come out.

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