Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 10 Chalkboard and Update

Well let's start off with the hideous pic of the week.. ha ha I'm going to try to remember to do my hair on these picture days. I looked really good every other day, lol.

And here is the cutest part of me.

So we had out appointment with Dr. KK. First off, Chris did a great job picking the hotel in downtown Chicago and we had a really nice out. He's finally off the hook because I said I wanted a nice date one day this summer. We started off with my infusion, which went well. I had no real symptoms. I had occasional pains in my upper chest/shoulder area, which my nurse said was a common complaint- so they shut it off for a few minutes until the pain went away and started it back up. It took over 4 hours! Craziness... Guess it will be that long when they do they at home.
We also had an ultrasound during the infusion. Baby was oriented so its was head up and bottom down- so we couldn't get 3d scans because all we saw was a butt. We tried an abdominal u/s but it was way too cloudy. 
Then the nurse came in and we discussed recent test results including the scan. I am on vivelle estrogen patches because my estrogen is dipping and estrogen is important for the placenta. She said she isn't too worried since the baby isn't measuring behind, but they are proactive. I will be on the progesterone suppositories for a very long time, which is ok.. and eventually will wean off the progesterone in oil (Seriously can't wait for that). I also found out I was injecting the lovenox wrong- so hopefully I won't have any more black blotches. I have to mail out my bloodwork on Tuesday to see if/how the IVIg worked. 
But the biggest area of concern is my cervix. It previously measured 2.9 (but Dr. M measured that and A) complained that he had to do B)said it was difficult to see C) I'm not sure he knew WTF he was doing- like maybe he measured his last one in med school), the time before that it was 2.78- now it's 2.4.. My nurse suggested that my OB check my cervix every week to see if it still going down and also recommended being on a modified rest schedule. She said at the least, no lifting more than a gallon of milk and pelvic rest. She was concerned with my job since I travel classroom to classroom- there is a lot of walking/standing and driving in long period at a time.  She also said the OB will probably not let me fly- so we bought trip insurance for Disney. It was a lot of news- but we prefer to be proactive.
The next day I had a busy day. Started off with an echo for my palpitations. DH is already diagnosing me with crap from watching it- ugh! And then we went to BuyBuyBaby because Chris wanted to know what a diaper genie was. And since it was located next to a Taco Bell- I was all for it.
Then we went right to the OB appointment. We left feeling so defeated. He didn't read my records- we waited 90 minutes after arriving.. I thought he was at least doing that. I explained what the nurse said- and we had a letter with the ultrasound results. He proceeded to 'explain' how here on the East Coast OBs don't measure the cervix and no doctor would ever do weekly monitoring. He said he would refer me to an MFM but they do not do weekly monitoring either. He said the MFM won't even discuss a cerclage until after 14 weeks.  I am trying desperately to find Dr. Davis who does cerclages transabdominally at 10-14 weeks. These are such better than the external ones- I guess I have to go over my OBs head- but maybe he will see there are some proactive doctors on the East Coast. GRRR!!!

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  1. You have a super cute little baby in there!!
    I hope you'll be able to find a more proactive OB that you feel good about.