Thursday, August 14, 2014

Starting to spill the beans

So Monday we finally got the chance to tell my step-dad that we are pregnant. We had him over for dinner and asked him to watch the dogs while we are on vacation in November. He agreed, which is great since the dogs love him, they missed him so much. And I had been hinting that I had a few jobs around the house we might need help with, so I said, "While you're here, maybe you can start working on a nursery." He just looked at us and wanted to know what that meant. He was very excited, which is great. He also couldn't believe that I am expecting him to keep this secret. He wanted to know exactly when I was going to tell other family members.

It was a really good day. He also helped Chris bring up some furniture that needed out of the garage and I am useless in the lifting department. The house is starting to come together. We brought up my mom's curio cabinet, which looks great in the dining room. Later next week I'll fill it up with all of her things and some of my things that belong in there.
Funny, all of my things are so childish, they would probably look better in the nursery- so maybe I'll wait.

In baby news, I was approved for IVIG treatments for my autoimmune diseases. I know treatments are several thousand dollars and we were not going to do it if insurance did not cover it. Actually, we wren't sure we would do it at all, but it appears to be much safer than the prednisone I am on now. And safety for the baby comes first. So we changed our flight time to Chicago- our $400 trip is now our $800 trip, but I really can't complain. Or I could say, 4 months ago I would have done anything to complain about spending $800 to make sure our baby is ok.

I also told one other friend from college. She was so excited. And I told the 'fill-in' vice principal at school. We used to share a classroom and I feel comfortable talking to him. He will let the 'fill-in' principal know once school starts. At that point I'll be over 11 weeks. Crazy!!

I graduate from my RE tomorrow- so there will be a new picture then!

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