Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's get caught up!

OK.. I'm a bad blogger.. Actually I'm bad at being human right about now. I'm so tired- I think I'm more zombie than anything else.
So last week we drove to Chicago for my ultrasound- doctor appointment with the reproductive immunologist. Everything looked great. No bleeds. Baby measured perfectly at 6w 4d on 6w 4d. Yay!
I got all my bloodwork done. We were hoping I could start weaning off some meds, but my NK cells were a little high- so more prednisone.. and still on the lovenox and tons of progesterone.
I have 2 lovenox bruises that are pure black- and huge. I hate when I get them. Last one took a month to go away. And I am starting to get welts from the PIO- fun fun! But honestly I have no real symptoms. My boobs got bigger and they hurt, but that's like nothing. I am finally no longer all congested.. and oddly my spicy good cravings went away.. maybe I just needed to clear those sinuses!
I just had another scan today. Baby is "amazing" according to the RE. Measuring 2 days ahead. My DH is crazy- he filmed the entire ultrasound. He's so ridiculous, it's cute. 
He's told like everyone- and I've only told one real life friend and my sister. I'm going to slowly start telling a few close friends next week, and my step dad and stepsister. And I'm telling my colleague who is now the vice principal, just so maybe my schedule will not be too hectic (mostly- don't make me take care of crazy 8th graders eating lunch. I don't have time for that bullshit).

We've been talking a lot about our disney trip. I'm so freakin excited!! My friend had her gender testing done at 12 weeks and knew it by week 13. I'm hoping the same will happen for us- I want to do the gender reveal at Disney- written on our dessert at Cinderella's Castle.. Something special just for DH and myself. And we will be announcing on Facebook with pictures we take there. I think once that happens things will feel real. Although I did already buy a few maternity items (denim jacket, skirt, leggings, pants) because there was a special and clearance deals. 
Anyway- here are some pictures of Chicago adventures and of our little bean.

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  1. Yay!! I'm so happy everything is looking good with your little bean!! Sorry the meds are such a beast, hopefully you'll be able to start getting off them soon!!