Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 9 Chalkboard & Update

Geesh! Not sure if I can keep letting DH take the pictures. They are getting worse- (I have crazy eyes)

We are leaving for Dr. KK on Monday. I am already nervous about how busy my schedule is next week- party on Saturday, bbq on Sunday- school meeting monday morning, flight monday afternoon; infusion, u/s, appt, flight home on tuesday; cardiologist, first ob appt, first day of new grad school semester on wednesday; class again on thursday (might either sleep all day or clean classroom); out to dinner on friday w/ friends (and normal chores I'm sure); family birthday party on saturday....

We went to Ikea this past weekend to get an idea of how much our nursery project would be and well-  the things we wanted to buy were being discontinued or on clearance- so we just went ahead and bought everything. I'm still really nervous about that since it's still early in the pregnancy- but DH is just so excited. We had to go back 3 times over the week to get everything and I think I may have pushed myself a little too much. I had bleeding from my lovenox injections hours after the shot. Very thankful to be bleeding there and not anywhere else- but it went through my huge bandaid, underwear, tights, skirt, tank, and sweater...  I had that happen before after doing a little much and rubbing my stomach up against stuff.. but still thankful thats the only thing...

I'm also feeling anxious about all the medicine I am on. I was really hoping I could wean off some of them- but my most recent bloodwork showed my estrogen and progesterone dropping. RI hasn't commented about that yet- but I think it's finally hitting me that I'm not going to be a normal pregnant lady. And that I may be taking more drugs on a daily basis during this pregnancy than when I was stimming. Not really complaining- just think I need to mentally wrap my head around that. I guess we all don't want to feel broken- but I guess I still am- and I need a whole lotta shit to keep me together during this.

Anyway- that's about it for this week. Just trying to stay positive and know that I see the baby again on Tuesday and it's another 3d ultrasound. :)

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