Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beta is In and I'm so Happy....

So, I guess maybe I do have one symptom... I tried to pee on the digital this morning, hoping it would turn positive.. but I keep having to get up to go pee in the middle of the night.. oh well, that didn't stop the test from working... I was hoping this was a good sign.

I got my blood work done first thing.. I was there by 7:25 am... a little on the late side...

My nurse didn't call me until after 2pm.. Crazy to keep a girl waiting..  but when she called it was good news:


So, now I just need to keep all of this happiness until Thursday which is Beta #2...


  1. Congrats!! I hope beta #2 looks great tomorrow!!

  2. Good luck! Thinking of you!!!!!!!!! (PS just found out you blogged, hope you don't mind me coming by to check it out!)

  3. I absolutely don't mind at all Liz!! Thanks for checking it out! (If only I knew how to reply to a comment.. I think it's a flaw in the template I picked)