Friday, July 18, 2014

Can't Rain on My Parade

So my 2nd beta came back at 226... which is slightly under 36 hours doubling time.. I'm really hoping for one strong baby making that hcg...

(Dr. KK in not so many words said that due to my small uterus, if I got pregnant with twins, I'd probably not be able to keep the pregnancy, but after the loss, then my uterus might be stretched enough to have twins- WTF?!? That's enough to scare anyone into wanting only one)

I must say- working with two offices is getting to be a handful. My RE said I am done with betas and go in for an ultrasound on Wednesday! My RI said I still need betas every other day until a heartbeat is heard. So, luckily my RE is doing tomorrow's beta.. then I got to go to LabCorp and wait for a blood draw... She's kinda SOL on Sundays- oh well.
I also had to figure out if my thyroid meds needed to be increased- but it had to be a joint decision by both- but they don't talk to each other... So far, we're keeping it, but I have weekly bloodwork for that. I have to get blood fedex'd out this week to the RI on Wednesday- after my ultrasound. Then next Friday I am going to drive to Chicago for a bloodflow ultrasound... Hopefully everything does smoothly and by then we would have heard a heartbeat so I could stop the betas... And Dr. KK's office prescribed estrogen pills... just when I lost the 12 lbs of estrogen weight.. I really wanted to graduate RMA the same weight as when I entered... (I am currently that weight.. but the office doesn't weigh me naked, so I have about 2 more lbs to lose ;) ) Oh well... whatever is best for the pregnancy..
I am tired and it seems like I spend a lot of time coordinating between the two offices.. but that's ok.. better than having nothing to do, trust me..

With the 2nd beta yesterday I was really happy. My therapy appointment was schedule for 2:30 because I knew beta wouldn't come in until 2:15- and sure enough I was right. My therapist was so happy, she cried almost the entire session. So surreal. She even said I am glowing...

But as soon as I came in the house... I saw this.. DH accidentally forgot to lock the dogs out of the dining room... they busted into 2 sharps containers, a box of meds, bag of syringes, bandaids, cotton balls, and alcohol pads.. The needles were bent and there was dried blood in the carpet. They hid from me for about an hour- which was good because I had some serious cleaning. I couldn't yell at them too much- I needed to check them out for injuries and luckily they were ok. I think most of the blood I cleaned was mine from a blood draw cartridge.

But even that couldn't change the fact that yesterday was a great day.

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