Friday, June 27, 2014

Some *Good* Things

In an effort to keep my blog from being an all out complaint board- let me share some good things.

  • School's out and I got a Summer School job. Just enough money and hours to allow me to actually enjoy the summer.
  • I joined a book club! Yay! So happy to be able to do something productive!! And I never read enough.
  • Our contract at work was PASSED! I will have enough money for a donor egg cycle with my retro-check. (I know better than to think I'll get it before October)
  • Which means- I got a raise. About time, about time..
  • My tuition reimbursement is more money than the Disney vacation I am going on with that money. You know what that means? I may see a Dooney & Burke Disney purse in my future! Or maybe one of those underground tours... 
  • I've finally started doing my own sub-q injections! (3.5 years later) And I think I'm doing very well. See.. DH did his 3 days ago and that's a nasty bruise. Mine are all super light.
So I have to leave for the RE now. Hopefully I'll have more good things to say later.

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