Monday, June 23, 2014

Lucky for the Bruises

So today was a big day in our house- DH got to draw my blood.
He always talks about how the phlebotomist stinks because he has to dig for my vein (it's a roller) or how much they marked my arm. Well I could tell he was super nervous- heck I was pretty nervous.
My old faithful was blown on Friday and my back up vein, which is extra rolly, also had a decent bruise from Saturday.
Last night he surveyed the area and found his spot. I woke him up early this morning and got everything ready. I needed 4 massive (think cigar holder) vials filled. It didn't start off so good. He pulled the tourniquet way too fast...
Not only did I get this awesome bruise, my entire arm turned blue while he looked for a vein. The one he saw last night was really 2.. Call me crazy- but I can see a whole lot of veins in this picture.. I am the whitest white girl in America..

So- I told him that he should go above the blown vein on Old Faithful- and he gently moved the tourniquet and went there. And he had to dig forever (a full minute)... He finally agreed that my veins really do roll... 
Oh well, as you can see- I got a cool BandAid- and it matched my nails and my dress.. Very excited that my nails will be matching all my BandAids this cycle- Go Sully Colors!!

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