Sunday, June 29, 2014

Results and some thoughts

I went for scans today- but first I'll talk about this quote I saw yesterday and it really sparked my interest- especially since it's from Grey's. (I'll be using it next week for IDOB).

This really got me thinking. I have been in both places: Clearly the heartache from infertility, but also not knowing what the next step is going to be. In the world of IF, the "plan" is the key. So I'm giving huge hugs out to any ladies who are not sure what they want next because I believe they need the most hugs.

And now my results:
3 follicles! Say what? Yup- I got another one. Not too surprising since the last scan required some pushing on my ovary just to see the two. But they are getting kinda big.. 19-22. Remember the only proven good egg was triggered at 18 and we know it had no SERs- so being that big kinda worries me a little. My RE commented "Wow- that was fast" Because I know he doesn't like to see me over 20- but he did know that I normally go pretty fast without meds- or he would if he memorized my file.. ha ha. 

Anywho- they are all on the left side! Yay!!! Remember tilt ute- all fluid go toward the left- so I'm thinking this might be the IUI where I actually get my 10% chance of it working. Woohoo! 

So in other good news- I'm scheduled for the first appointment so I will most definitely be at work/school on time both Monday and Tuesday. Damn it, I am going to get there to claim an air conditioned room!!

Keeping it positive because we all know that's how the pee stick should be!! 

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  1. Okay so, my comment disappeared. What I said though was A) That quote is so PERFECT for what I am going through right now so thank you for finding and posting it! And B) Congrats on your follies and on them being on the correct side!! Yahoo! FX hard for you dear!!