Friday, June 27, 2014

Scan Results

So right now I have 2 follicles around 15mm on my left side. At first I thought- wow, I had 2 last month and didn't risk quality with all these drugs- but nah.. we're going to be positive.
Know why? Because the doctor who did my HSG said every time she squirted in the dye it went straight to the left tube- she had a really hard time and had to put a lot more dye than she wanted to get it into my right tube. (She didn't want to put a lot in because of the allergy and my wee little ute)
So I thought- imagine how crazed I'd be if I had all my good follicles on my right side? I'd be a lunatic. I'd probably have my RE on the IUI day and I'd try to explain to him why it might be a good idea to do IUI in some weird pose... but I don't have that.
All my follicles are on my good side. So this is a good thing. So I am happy about it. I think I can finally count this as one 'good' chance with IUI.
Oh, and it will be Monday & Tuesday or Tuesday & Wednesday! From here on out, only positive thinking.

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