Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oh Drama, Leave me alone!

So I went in for baseline today. My ovaries were very much like myself- exceptionally quiet- and exactly what my RE wanted (not sure about the me part- but I wouldn't doubt it). Hubby almost made it to monitoring- if I knew he was so close I would have waited for him. But he was able to go out to breakfast after my appointment, just like we used to. It was very nice- and we got a chance to catch up a little and talk about other things. Sounds almost perfect?                                                                
But then my clinic calls me- the nurse tells me that I already have my protocol and to follow it. I was confused- I didn't have a protocol set in stone, it was something the RE said might change today based on my bloodwork. I will be honest, I didn't like the protocol she was reading- but I asked when I needed to come back and she said I don't. Umm... So I told her I would email my nurse and I went to ask what my levels were and she hung up on me.
I went upstairs and found the e-mail I overlooked on Thursday. (She sent 3 emails, a voicemail and we spoke twice- I thought I was up to date). I wasn't going back until CD14- me? who normally triggers early, even if I don't have measurable follicles at baseline. That is a crazy long time- So I was upset and the phone rings.
It's another nurse- who just emailed my RE to confirm my plan. OMG- I didn't need it confirmed- I needed to find it- ugh! and he changed it in the 4 minutes it took for me to look it over. He stopped the estrogen earlier and started menopur a few days earlier.
When we met for our last appointment he said I should be monitored 2 days after the menopur was added (CD6). Then it was changed to CD10- but now it's CD7. And the estrogen was going to be until CD6- but now I am stopping on CD4. I am hoping I will come in earlier- but if they honestly didn't monitor me on menopur for 6 days- I wouldn't be surprised.
The nurse was also not very nice- and said my nurse would email me on Tuesday. Great- but I still don't have the script for the HSG I'm having done on Tuesday.

So I think that was it for me- I'm over this cycle. I'm going to go through the motions- even travel to flipping Chicago for testing- and pay oodles of $$ to ship my blood out there but I've decided that the hubby can deal with everything else. I'll worry about Chicago and he can deal with the nurses and the RE in NJ.

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