Thursday, June 26, 2014


So I had my HSG on Tuesday. Luckily my results came back normal (woohoo!) but it was an awkward and long test for me.

I'm not exactly sure why but I could not relax at all during the test. I pushed the speculum out twice (I  have rockstar kegel muscles) and that was after I relaxed enough for her to put it in.
I must say the doctor that did the procedure was really helpful. She was worried about my shellfish allergy but I told her I had contrast before and it was never a problem. Then she informed me that all of the tests I've had before didn't actually contain iodine. Say what? Why on Earth did they always ask me if I was allergic before the test? And why did they say I was fine afterward?

So I had to hang out after the test and be sure I didn't have any problems. It just so happened I was already on prednisone for my inflammation issues- and that is the typically pre-treatment if you do have an allergy. So my nurse had me hang out in her station while she helped other patients. Of course, I immediately had an itch on my leg and I'm thinking this is only in my head but I'm afraid to scratch it, because then it will be itchy and its not a hive. Oh, the conversations I had with myself were pretty hysterical that day. Because then I thought my throat feels tight. But maybe I'm thirsty? Or dehydrated? Phlegmy? Now in hindsight- I drank 3 bottles of water before the procedure and had been going very hydrated all day- but it was a good thought.  I asked for water, thinking that would solve everything. Nah- it was definitely getting tighter.

So they started a line- just in case- and gave me some benedryl and a bed.. And then I needed to find someone to get dropped off at the hospital to drive my car and me home. Luckily, my sister was allowed to drive by now after her surgery and her bf was with her and could drop her off. Whew! I told DH and we figured we could go out to dinner and just drop my sister off since she lives between the hospital and my house. (Of course the hospital was 40 miles north of my house)

And the benedryl bursted open in my throat (yuck!) probably because it was swollen. So I'm just relaxing in the bed and I noticed I was having a palpitation. They are becoming more common these days and I look at the monitor and its silently alarming because my pulse is less than 50. I was thinking of taking a nap since I had to be there a little bit and I was getting kind of sleepy, but then my pulse got even lower- so I figured it was better to stay awake. And then the doctor comes in and says I can go home soon- and she looks at the monitor...  She wanted to send me to my regular doctor, but I told her my pulse is always low- which it is, but I'm normally only on one of those monitors after anesthesia, so I thought it was that. She kinda bought that and saw that my pulse didn't really change since I was on the monitor and I have perfect blood pressure. But she did say that I need to make a cardiologist appointment because it can be a real problem when I become pregnant. (It's been so long since I've heard that... my lingo is 'if' I become pregnant.. it really took me back, but anyways..) So I'm adding that to my list of crap to do for the summer. Oh yeah- and I need to see an allergist about getting an EpiPen.

Here is my lovely abnormally tiny uterus...

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