Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why Can't Anything Go As Planned

Well today is what is considered the most uneventful day in a cycle.. CD3 or baseline. Its where you find out nothing has happened and you get to go on all your drugs and make eggs grow.

But... nope.. not me. See... my eggs are like me.. impatient- they don't believe in this wait until CD14 bullshit.. they're ready now.. and like that one kid in class who finishes everything too early.. I want to bitchslap my ovaries...

I had some idea that my cycle would be a little early.. I've previously triggered on CD8, and CD10.. so when my RE said he wouldn't check my ovaries again after baseline until day 10, I knew that wouldn't be true.. and I reminded him of my past and I was supposed go back in on Tuesday...  fair enough..

But today at monitoring- I saw it right away... big massive follicles. So glaringly big and more than one.. I was really looking forward to squinting and looking for these little follicles and to find out the my astral follicle count (AFC- the small ones) was in the normal range. Previously I've had 5-7. Well this time I had 8 all on one ovary- the right one.. But the left, had 3 small ones.. and 2 huge ones. The first one was 14.4 mm and the 2nd one was a little over 13. I also found out that I have blood still in my uterus, so my period isn't quite over and that my lining is at 2mm.

Typically, this might be a cyst- something left over from last cycle that didn't ovulate.. but that's never my case. Mine is an estrogen making follicle. And now I am not allowed to take any medicine and have to go back for monitoring on Saturday. And here is where I start going crazy...

We planned a medicated cycle.. which means, I expected maybe 3-4 follicles using medicine. I know using medicine with my condition is a risk and natural is so much better. Countless studies will tell you that SERs are NEVER seen in naturally stimmed eggs. But..
My lining is a 2.. My eggs are growing way faster than my lining... Come on RE- you always talk about syncing up your eggs and your lining and that's why FETs work better... well WTF do we do now??? I can't alter anything in an IUI-- so is it even worth it?? Are there studies that show horrible rates when the syncing is off??
And I'm supposed to be on Lovenox blood thinner for this cycle- I won't even have a chance for it to work because I can't start until my period is over. So maybe I'll get one dose from it?? And what about the test in Chicago to see if the Lovenox is working??? Is it safe to get a long extensive transvaginal ultrasound days after an IUI?
And I had to tell the pharmacy I may need the drugs early because I may need them...
I'm so confused- I don't even know what I want.
Maybe I am normal again... and like my very first cycle I need to be suppressed on Lupron so I don't jump the gun with these ovaries... but do they even do that for IUI???

Thank god tomorrow is therapy day. Maybe I can sort some of this out...

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