Monday, May 12, 2014

We have a plan

With countless unknowns within the world of Infertility, a plan is like gold. It is treasured and for a brief moment you know what to expect. Whether the plan works or not- another of the unknowns, but how to prep and what protocols you're doing.. it helps the mind get prepared so you can focus all your energy on hoping and praying and wishing.

My plan (Combined from RI & RE)
Start steriods (prednisone) tomorrow; CD3 scans/bw and start Femera; CD6 Start Lovenox & Menopur injections; CD7 Drive out to Chicago for scans; CD8 Drive back to NJ for scans; CD10 another scan.. by then my eggs are usually as good as they will ever get.

We discussed back to back IUI vs. just one day. He admitted the last cycle did not have optimal timing- which I kinda knew. He is all in favor of back to back and said thawed sperm should live for 36 hours so that would not be an issue. I told him he was in charge of how the sperm was used- I'm just going to follow along. He seemed that we would be using more vials on the 2nd IUI than the first, which is what I would have said if I made the decision. (I kind of promised Chris I would shut up and listen to the doctor this cycle- so I'm trying real hard to do that)

I felt pretty good- he made changes based on my concerns, which sometimes makes me question it since I'm not the expert... but I always have strong evidence with a concern (i.e. start scans on CD8 instead of his idea of CD10 since last 2 times I triggered before CD10). He also asked me how I wanted to trigger.. I told him I wasn't that informed on triggers (after I told him I was concerned with the lower dose given my BMI- so I was somewhat informed) so he decided to change it.

I am also feeling better about the RI. I feel like when I get information from one that I didn't get from the other, it makes me confused and wonder which one I should trust. Given my relationship with the RE, I trusted him more from the beginning, but the RI scored some points today.

RE checked my notes and apparently I do have a tiny uterus (unlike the generic everything is perfect paragraph copy and pasted in all new patient files)- score 1 for the RI
But the RE called it crazy to swallow prometrium since it is metabolized in the liver and can cause anti-progesterone antibodies and it would make me super sleepy all day long - score 1 for the RE

As much as I like my RE, he sometimes does something dick-ish to stop me from going over the top liking him. He is a really caring person and goes out of his way to accommodate Chris and me, but every once in a while he just hurts my feelings. Today he laughed at the idea of me having twins from an IUI- like the odds were so out of our favor. Seriously- no odds are in our favor. We know it would be a miracle for anything to work- but geesh!

Last time he told me if an IUI worked on the first try we could consider ourselves geniuses. Ugh! Part of how I see myself is my advanced cognitive ability.. I felt like he was trying to call me dumber for not having children and I could only be a genius if I was pregnant.

The other thing was when he did the endometrial scrape and didn't warn me. I don't believe in the whole, it hurts less if you don't know its going to happen. Very dick-ish of him.

I still trust him very much and I do like him. But it reminds me that he is human and like everything else not perfect. Oh well, enough of him.

I have a plan that I am happy with- and two doctors who I am trying to have faith in. Like I mentioned before, I promised Chris I would just trust them so I'm keeping my FX'd that they knock me up this cycle.

Edited because I get Lovenox and Letrozole mixed up. Doh!

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