Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm ok. (Part I)

So today I am ok. I wrote my doctor my list of questions and he got back to me right away. Which I found kind if shocking. It was after 8:30pm. But I guess that made up for the fact that he wasn't even at the building yet when I got there this morning.
He started off the conversation with "Before we get crazy.." Ha. I've already been there and done that!  But I could see why he might think that with me being the first patient at 6 am.
So my results were sucky. I have a 24mm, 14mm and an 11mm.  For no drugs 3 follicles is crazy good. Just umm not while you still have your period.
Remember in health class when they said you could get pregnant during ur period. Yup- I just proved it.
So since I'm ovulating in the next few hours- my cycle is cancelled. He originally said to take the ovidrel to restart the clock but didn't think it was worth the extra hour drive to go get it. He agreed I'm out of sync and this cycle is kind of a lost case. He said if we had sperm he would say just go for it. But my sperm in storage isn't worth this. Too low of a chance of success to use it.  I agreed and started going home.

But now I'm sitting at a wawa writing this because A) I can have real coffee with caffeine and
B) I had an urgent question for my doctor. He already thinks I'm crazy- might as well give him some proof and email him 10 minutes after I leave, right? I am thinking about those 2 other follicles. What happens to them? Do I ovulate them? Or do they turn into cysts? Or do they grow slower and then on my next CD3 I am in this same boat?? I feel like I should know this. Basic ovulation question. But who the heck naturally has 3? Ugh! So just in case I have to go to RE pharmacy- I'm going to sit here and drink this coffee and hope he answers my email in the next 40 minutes.

But right now. I have coffee so it's making everything ok.  Later I'll freak out about canceling my appointments in Chicago.

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