Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quick Update- nothing new

So I am new to blogging and already took a much longer break than intended. Graduate school is finally wrapping up and I should be working on some stuff right now. Unfortunately I've been in this 'get nothing done' funk for quite a while. It's just become too easy to get wrapped up in everything and then become really behind.
Cycle-wise things are just becoming annoying. Bills, insurance, trying to figure things out... I've been on break since Christmas- and now I am rushing to get everything ready for the next cycle. (This one isn't my fault for being behind- honest)
I am having some anxiety with the whole Reproductive Immunologist (RI). It still feels like too many diagnoses. I have an appointment with my RE for the first time since seeing the RI and I'm a little nervous. I'm actually multi-tasking and trying to get my questions lined up for him now.
Things overall are looking up. Chris and I decided that since we are poor anyway, might as well go on vacation. This has made me very happy. We need a break from daily life. I need something to look forward to if all of this fails.

So I guess this is just a quick update as I probably should be getting back to work.

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