Friday, April 25, 2014

Today's NAIW Post:

National Infertility Awareness Week Post of the Day: Knowing that 1 in 8 couples struggle with fertility, it is almost surprising that it is kept silent. First off, it is everyone’s right to keep his or her own medical information to themselves. And no one should have the right to ask about such personal information. With that said, I am thankful of the few celebrities who have shared their very intimate and personal struggle with the rest of the world.   Celebrities include: Brooke Shields, Celine Dion, Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman, Aisha Tyler, Tom Arnold, Dixie Chicks Sisters (Emily and Martie), Hugh Jackman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Giuliana Rancic, Disney for expressing it through Dumbo (Mrs. Jumbo the elephant) and Up! and many others.

Blurb from Time Magazine:

"We should applaud (Jimmy) Fallon — along with his wife and other high-profile women willing to share their stories — for going public with facts so many would prefer to keep hidden.

While celebrities take a lot of flak for exposing their private lives, these are important gestures of support to all the families who are suffering in silence. Such honesty is also welcomed by fertility doctors who struggle to educate patients about the challenges of getting pregnant in your 40s, when popular culture makes it look so easy. What’s more, these announcements go a long way in changing the public perception that infertility is a source of shame. In 2011, Redbook magazine and RESOLVE, a national infertility-education group, launched an online video campaign called “The Truth About Trying” to chip away at the stigma. “It’s crazy to me that this topic is still taboo,” Rosie Pope, star of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels said, “In Hollywood, you can talk about your drug addiction or divorce, but not infertility.” Perhaps that’s starting to change.”

And the most touching scene about infertility in a movie:

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