Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Blog

I guess I should thank you for reading my blog. I'm more of a rambler in real life, so I figured blogging might come naturally, even though I'm usually socially awkward,too.

Until I figure out how to actually fill in the "About Me" part, I guess this will have to do.
I'm Nicole, 33 years old, from NJ. I've been married to my one and only, Chris, for over 5 years. Together we are unstoppable- but the universe isn't happy about that. We've had more heartache and drama than most people.

Our current and continuing battle is to have a baby. We have been trying pretty much since we got married. Once we found out assisted reproductive technologies were needed, we waited a bit and then put all our effort into that. Three years and 5 IVF cycles later, we are still in the battle.

Over the past year I have been coming to grips with new diagnoses and our early pregnancy loss. OK- that's my introduction.. Let the ranting and rambling begin...

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